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Find out more about the wide range of courses available with these downloadable pdf's

Find out about the Pitch Doctor’s specialised course in closing the sales process.

The leadership course aimed at managers who want to refine and enhance their skills.

A comprehensive guide to handling the media in all it’s forms, enabling you to communicate in the most effective ways.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a branch of performance psychology that has been well proven in many diverse fields. 

This structured yet customised workshop leads to the best possible chance of success in your pitch.

This program is completely personalised, so the duration and schedule is determined from the client’s individual needs.

This is a business focussed course created specifically for non-sales staff who need to communicate business information.

Pitching for teams is very different to pitching as an individual. This course is particularly valuable for non-sales staff.

This Masterclass is for experienced professionals or sales teams who want to take a fresh look at the way they pitch.