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Welcome to The Pitch Doctor

The Pitch Doctor has one mission: to help you win business.

How? By coaching you in the art and science of pitching. By showing you how to present yourself, your company and your product to optimal effect. By equipping you with a toolkit of psychology, NLP, performance, communication and storytelling techniques that not only deliver commercial results, but build relationships and keep clients coming back for more.

In short, by giving you the skills to win and the confidence to dare to. It’s not the taking part that counts in today’s ruthless marketplace; it’s the winning.

Among those to have recognised this fact — and benefited from The Pitch Doctor’s therapy — are major television and media players, leading internet brands, banks and global advertising agencies, including the BBC, Google, MTV, WDMP and Rapp Collins.

The Symptoms

You are facing a potential client and you need to make the best impression in the shortest time. The pressure is on: hundreds of thousands of pounds and months of hard work hang on how to perform in the next few minutes.

You blow it. You stutter, you falter.

You ramble off message and lose the path back. Your body language contradicts your words. You become anxious and inarticulate. You feel your audience slipping away — and with it that all-important deal.

The Diagnosis

Pitching — the art of persuading people to give you business — is one of the most important skills in your toolkit. But it is also one of the least understood. All too often the process is rushed, the participants unprepared and the outcome unsatisfactory.

Most people aren’t natural-born “pitchers”. It’s a skill — like driving a car — that needs to be acquired. And there’s no shame in admitting it.

This is where The Pitch Doctor comes in. Combining psychological insight with presentation skills and a dose of commercial instinct, The Pitch Doctor will show you how to put across your message in a way that does you, and your product, credit. He and his team will help you cut through the clutter, differentiate your offer, and understand why people buy and what drives their decision-making process.

A lost pitch is not just a missed opportunity; it’s a waste of time, effort and investment. Losing a pitch fair and square is bad luck, but squandering resources because you are unprepared and unrehearsed is bad judgment.

The Prescription

Winning is a state of mind. While a good pitch isn’t going to save a bad product, a bad pitch can kill a good one.

It’s not always the best companies or the most innovative formats that are the most successful; it’s the best pitched.

Most pitches attempt to tune in to their audience using one or two channels, such as pictures or words. But the best pitches resonate on all frequencies: emotional, intellectual, visual, verbal. If you hit all these touchpoints — if you can make your audience see, hear and feel your message — you have a 100% greater chance of selling them your product.

But don’t take our word for it.

The Pitch Doctor’s clients report an average 75% increase their pitch success rate following a training programme.

Which is just what the doctor ordered.

Courses to help you win business.

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